SAC Charter Boat category Official List

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This is the Charter Boat category official list

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Feel free to use the registration link to add yourself to the waiting list to receive a reminder when places do become available as well as for being kept informed about the event in the future.

Charter BoatAngler#1Angler #2Status
Sportsman’s KnightTrevor SutchSteve ClemensCONFIRMED
Sportsman’s KnightKevin PrestonJon LawCONFIRMED
Harvest MoonStuart NewellPeter ChurchillCONFIRMED
Harvest MoonSteve BatchelorColin SearlesCONFIRMED
Valkyrie 6Peter StotesburyStephen DobbinsCONFIRMED
Valkyrie 6David HaversB BApproved