SAC Charter Boat category Official List

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This is the Charter Boat category official list

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REFCharter BoatAngler#1Shore clean upAngler #2Shore clean upSponsorStatusSKIPPERCREW
CAC22-001Sportsman’s KnightTrevor SutchSteve ClemensNo showPete Kilshaw
CAC22-002Sportsman’s KnightKevin PrestonJon LawNo showPete Kilshaw
CAC22-003Harvest MoonStuart Newell[O] Peter Churchill[O] CONFIRMEDStuart Newell
CAC22-004Harvest MoonSteve Batchelor[O] Colin Searles[O] CONFIRMEDStuart Newell
CAC22-005Valkyrie 6Peter Stotesbury[O] Stephen Dobbins[O] CONFIRMEDZac Cairns
CAC22-006Valkyrie 6David Havers[O] Colin Morley[O] CONFIRMEDZac Cairns
CAC22-007Valkyrie 6Ben Bream[O] Christopher Bream[O] CONFIRMEDZac Cairns
CAC22-008Kelleys Hero IIITyler Ginn[O] Chris Hawkins[O] CONFIRMEDBex FlorenceRoger Martin
CAC22-009DottyPete Atkinson[O]Dave Fry[O] CONFIRMEDPete Atkinson
CAC22-010Kelleys Hero IIIRoger Martin[O] Bex Florence[O] CONFIRMEDBex FlorenceRoger Martin
CAC22-011Wetwheels SolentGeoff Holt[O]David Tuckwell[O] CONFIRMEDKeith Plumridge[O]Chris Green[O]
CAC22-012Wetwheels SolentDavid O'Donnell[O] Medwyn Jones[O] Wet Wheels FoundationCONFIRMEDKeith PlumridgeChris Green
CAC22-013Wetwheels SolentTBATBAWet Wheels FoundationCONFIRMEDKeith PlumridgeChris Green
CAC22-014Wetwheels HambleLuke Loudon[O]Dean Louden[O] Wet Wheels FoundationCONFIRMEDMike Norton[O]Alan Rackett[O]
CAC22-015Wetwheels HambleMike Wood[O]Irina Wood[O]Wet Wheels FoundationNo showMike NortonAlan Rackett
CAC22-016Wetwheels HambleAndy Beadsley[O]Ian McCoy[O]Wet Wheels FoundationNo showMike NortonAlan Rackett
CAC22-017Kelleys Hero IIIDavid Harper[O] Brooke Crisp JR[O] CONFIRMEDBex FlorenceRoger Martin
CAC22-018Kelleys Hero IIINeil Deluchi[O] Simon Adams[O] CONFIRMEDBex FlorenceRoger Martin
CAC22-019Kelleys Hero IVWayne Hand[O] Scott Rennie[O]
CAC22-020Deep BlueAnja Heppner[O]
Robin Heppner[O]
PantaeniusCONFIRMEDSimon LoganTBA
CAC22-021Deep BlueSebastian Koch[O]
Marko Smitt[O]
PantaeniusCONFIRMEDSimon LoganTBA
CAC22-022Deep BlueMike Wimbridge[O]
Deano Ryan[O] PantaeniusCONFIRMEDSimon LoganTBA
CAC22-023Anglers EdgeDarren Westrope[O] Max Jump[O]PantaeniusCONFIRMEDAdam HoughtonPaul Castle[O]
CAC22-024Anglers EdgeAdam Houghton[O] Matthew Crook[O] PantaeniusCONFIRMEDAdam HoughtonMitchell Adam[O]
CAC22-025Kelleys Hero IVJames Wigglesworth[O]
Michael Webber[O]
CAC22-026Valkyrie 8Steve Perry[O]
Riley Panter[O]
CAC22-027Valkyrie 8Rob Johnson[O]
Adam Fadli[O] CONFIRMEDGlen Cairns