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Welcome to World Carp Classic
Leaderboard History

For the story, the leaderboard came all about when a competitor in 2013, Ron van den Bergh, stepped into Event HQ as we were told another supplier had failed to create the system and was asking us to carry on with Excel. It turned out that Ron has a wealth of knowledge in computer programming and was 30 odd years ago amongst the first generation building the infrastructure on which our modern Internet system now is built on . By 2014 Ron had created for Angling Spirit not only the first-ever online leaderboard and app system but also the World Carp Classic one with a full boat tracking system.
By 2019 technology had moved on so much that we had no other option but to move on as though Ron is a wonderful programmer the Internet side was dealt with yet another provider. So when we met Mark Harraway who could handle singlely both development.