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Out of signal procedure

We now have 5 hotspot devices on the water.

To make it easy both network and password ARE the same so look for :

Deep Blue – Angling4

Kelley’s Hero 3 – Angling3

Kelley’s Hero 4 – Angling5

Dotty – Angling6

Wetwheels Solent – Angling7

Wifi network

Network Angling1 – password: Angling1

Solution #1: with pictures – This is the best solution 

1- Take a screenshot/picture of you trying to access the App 

2- Send SMS to Event HQ  07585 768 880 or Result Desk 07747 206 963 with

2A- screenshot/picture of you trying to access the app

2B- picture#1 & picture#2 you will be uploading when you come into range

App out of range1

Solution #2: without the provision of pictures if the connection does not allow for it we need to have all of the following details in any order

1- FUN number            

2-Name of angler      


4-Fish type        

5-Boat name

App out of range2