Event details: Recreational Boat category

June 14th - 18th 2023 will see the second year of a new dynamic high profile boat fishing competition the Sea Angling Classic based on the South Coast of the UK using the prolific diverse fishing grounds of the Solent.

Condition of Entry

  • The competition is open to all from the age of 10 years and above. Must be 10 on the first day of registration.
    Competitors aged between 10 and 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    Sea Angling Classic classes anyone of 16 and above on the first day of registration as an adult and therefore can participate without any guardianship but are not allowed to be recognised as the Captain of a boat until they become 18 on the first day of registration. 
  • This page details the event for recreational anglers, therefore in the spirit of fairness persons that are currently, or have within five years from the event start date operated a commercial coded angling charter boat from any port within 25 miles of Portsmouth Spinnaker tower will not be permitted to enter the Recreational Boat category. They are allowed to enter the Charter Boat category.
  • All anglers to be insured as per event requirements
  • All competitors will be required to sign the on-site registration form which includes a disclaimer to confirm acceptance and understanding of the full and final event rules, terms & conditions and any COVID-19 measures put in place.
  • All anglers participating in the event must:
    – undertake a minimum of one cleanup operation locally to where they live prior to onsite event registration; each participant to publish a public post with a minimum of 5 pictures on a social network and provide organisers with a link to be checked
    – In the case, cleanup is not conducted prior to the event there will be a £50 contribution per angler competing in the event to go towards Spirit OF Anglilng children’s initiatives and shoreline cleanups.

Event details in brief

Recreational Boat Category
A minimum of two anglers per boat (maximum of 4)
Maximum of 4 rods per boat and 1 set up with no terminal tackle (4 in total)
Maximum of 3 hooks per rod triple hooks count as 1 hook

  • Rod and line, catch, photograph, and release event
  • 1 spare rod may be set up on board but without any terminal tackle
  • Bait and artificial lures may be used
  • The longest 3 of each of the following 5 target species: Tope, Smooth-hound, Rays, Bass, Black bream to count per day.
  • The combined length of the longest 3 of each species provides an overall length per day.
  • The length from day 1 and day 2 are added together to identify the overall winner.
  • Minimum legal length and above to count (if more than 3 of each species are caught the longest ones caught will count).
  • Only persons that have entered the competition are permitted to be on board any competing boat during the hours of the competition with the exception of crew on the charter boats / approved media or in the case of disabled anglers approved helpers.

Cost of Entry

  • £250 per angler – minimum of 2 anglers per boat required – anyone of 16 years of age and above on first registration day.
  • £125 per junior angler – 10 to 15 years of age at the time of the first day of registration