SAC Visitors’ Dos and Don’ts

Welcome to Sea Angling Classic 2021

In line with COVID-19 general recommendations and measures, we are looking forward to staging this event but ask you to respect the rules, regulations and requests that we have.

Through our Spirit OF Angling initiatives, we aim to educate and leave a better world for the next generation to enjoy.  This includes being mindful and respectful of others so if an official makes a request that supersedes any governmental relaxation directives we kindly ask you to follow the directions given.

Visitors DO’s & DON’Ts

Please do:
– Register onsite or confirm online registration prior to take part in an activity.
– Follow Officials directives at all times including any COVID-19 requirements.

Please don’t:
– Bring pets
– Let children run around.
– Enter the water for any activity including swimming, sailing, and motorised activities unless taking part in a supervised activity and only after having duly registered for the activity in question.
– Fish anywhere including crabbing. Please follow the directions given.
– Interfere with Official Media which always have priority for taking pictures/shooting.

Use of pictures
By being on-site you automatically agree that your image on any official pictures/footage can be used by Angling Spirit for commercial use at the time of the event and in the future on any media deemed suitable by the organisers.