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Best OF Practice

Honour, Integrity, and Pride when linked to respect for the environment, fish welfare, and best practice angling are the foundation of Angling Spirit. All of the events that we stage are so much more than just fishing events a lot more. There is a direct engagement with the local community in the areas where the events are run and school colleges and universities are fully involved from an educational point of view. There is a multitude of dynamic elements of the Sea Angling Classic that involve a great network of people and companies working together to make a difference and they do so responsibly and that is something that we are extremely proud of.

Sea angling is a popular recreational activity that requires careful consideration of best practices in order to ensure both the sustainability of marine life and the safety of anglers.

  1. Obtain proper licenses and permits before fishing.
  2. Use appropriate gear and equipment, including fishing line that is strong enough for the species you are targeting.
  3. Respect fishing regulations and catch limits, including size limits and seasonal restrictions.
  4. Minimize harm to marine life by using circle hooks, avoiding excessive handling of fish, and returning undersized or protected species to the water as quickly as possible.
  5. Take care of the environment by properly disposing of fishing line, bait, and other waste.
  6. Be aware of and follow safety guidelines, including wearing appropriate clothing and life jackets and having proper safety equipment on board your boat.
  7. Support sustainable fishing practices and consider joining organizations that promote conservation and responsible angling.

By following these guidelines, sea anglers can help ensure the preservation of marine life and ecosystems while also having a safe and enjoyable fishing experience.



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