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Minnows Competitions

The Sea Angling Classic …

…………………………..… something for everybody at all ages.

All children taking part in an activity are doing so under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian and on a one-to-one basis.

Parents to sign a disclaimer as well as an authorisation for any pictures/videos taken during the activity to be used by organisers and activity partners on any media support and with no limit of time.


Crabbies’ fishing competition from 3-years old.
The purpose of this activity is to teach the idea of catch and release and keeping the environment tidy

All crabs caught by a child will be put in a provided bucket. After the bucket has been duly weighed and the score recorded, crabs to be returned to the water.

The children are then invited to collect in their bucket any litter from the immediate area around the marina.

Prizes will be awarded for the greatest weight of crabs caught each day.

A national Mullet Club Mullet Masterclass for the 7 to 16-year-old
Bait fishing, fly fishing, spinning, and fluffing will all be explored

The Angling Trust is teaming up with the National Mullet Club and the Sea Angling Classic to hold another of their highly successful and very popular Mullet Masterclasses.

Members of the Mullet Club will be doing tutorial sessions on how to target and catch the “grey ghost’ as it is often called. There’ll be tips on bait, tackle, and methods plus an opportunity to fish for mullet in the Marina basin and the wider harbor.

To see previous masterclasses click this link

Booking is free but availability will be on a first come first serve basis.

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Family Fishing Days on a charter boat for the 12 to 16-year-old.
Mackerel fishing & environment masterclass

Level 2 coaches from the Angling Trust will be on hand as well as volunteers from local angling clubs to take youngsters accompanied by a parent/guardian on a charter boat for a session of mackerel fishing. On-shore, local wildlife groups will take the relay with teaching good habits we all need to take to look after the marine environment.

A limited number of places – Places to be booked in advance on a first come first basis.

A fishing session on the Lady Elsa provided by the Wrightson Trust
Max 4 children plus their responsible adult, and skipper (6 total), per trip.
The children must be accompanied by their responsible adult on all trips.