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The Clashwhannon event is an official Sea Angling Classic qualifier offering two entries into this year’s televised Sea Angling Classic being staged in Portsmouth on June 14th – 19th and prizes down to 10th place.

Event organiser: David Lonnie 01776 840 632 – 07854 888 293

Entry fee:  £40 per angler – click here to register

Event details
Target species*: Rays, Pollock, and Bullhuss
Longest three fish for each of the nominated species per day.
The total of both days will count toward your boat’s accumulated length.
Maximum submission of three of each species allowed per day.

Clashwhannon qualifier itinerary*

Friday 28th
17:00 On-site registration
19:30 Captain’s briefing

Saturday 29th
07:30 Boat launch – measuring board being handed
08:00 Competition start
16:00 End of competition
17:00 End of daily card submission

Sunday 30th
07:30 Boat launch
08:00 Competition start
16:00 End of competition
17:00 End of daily card submission – return of the measuring boards
19:30 Results announcement

* target species and itinerary are subject to weather conditions and may be altered.



  • Life jackets must be worn at all times, with no exceptions. Channel 10 on the VHF for communication with officials, please also monitor 16!
  • One rod per angler regardless of a number of anglers on the boat, spare rods must not have any terminal on the rods, only mono/braid allowed. Three hooks max per rod.
  • Prizes will be awarded from 1st to 10th place.
  • Teams must be on the beach at 8 am, fishing from 9 am, and back on the beach for 4 pm. (subject to weather conditions)
  • Scorecards must be collected from the beach each morning and returned to the bar before 5.30 pm each day, a new number for day 2 will be allocated each morning.
  • All scoring fishing must be sent to the WhatsApp number on 07979595844 before 5 pm each day. No entries after 5 pm will be allowed.
  • We also require photos of anglers holding the number tags and fish, this is mandatory.
  • Fish must be head end at zero on the measuring boards and no blood, photos with excessive blood will be discarded. (these are used for social media purposes). Only full centimeters will be recorded. If the fish is over the length marker the next full centimetre number will be recorded. (spurdog and bullhuss must be belly down and pollock must head at zero right flank down)
  • Measuring boards will be issued at the Captain’s meeting and must be returned Sunday coming off the beach.
  • Teams not attending the prize-giving will be omitted from the results/prizes
  • Target species are pollock, bullhuss, and spurdog.
  • The winner will be the boat that catches the longest combined length of the target species accumulatively over day one and day two. (total length of day 1 will be added to the total length of day 2. The three longest of each species will count towards each day’s total.
  • In the event of a tie, a ranking will be allocated to the anglers’ longest pollock, longest bulhuss, and longest spurdog, in this order. Finally, if there is still a tie, the ranking will be done at the time of the first scoring fish on day 1.

For media purposes, please also,
send pictures of you holding the fish.
If possible no sunglasses or caps
hiding your moment!!

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Shoreline Cleanup

There is no entry fee for this event but anglers are invited to join Angling Spirit ethos by doing a shoreline cleanup and posting images on their social network along with these hashtags and logos #spiritofangling and #friendsofthesolent.
Shoreline cleanup informationShoreline cleanup form

If you do not have the time or further want to contribute to the initiative you can make a contribution of your choice at registration or on-site on the day.

Shore Clean visual