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SAC Map & Fishing ground

N50°46.001′ W001°08.239′
N50°46.149′ W001°02.007′
N50°45.973′ W000°59.365′
N50°45.513′ W000°56.496′
N50°45.354′ W000°53.154′
N50°45.014 W000°51.603′
N50°44.497′ W000°50.377′
N50°43.787′ W000°49.203′
N50°42.825′ W000°47.476′
N50°42.825′ W000°46.000′ North East boundary
N50°39.000′ W000°46.000′ South-East boundary
N50°39.000′ W001°08.300′ South West boundary
N50°39.752′ W001°04.698′
N50°41.241′ W001°02.244′
N50°42.503′ W001°04.376′
N50°43.663′ W001°05.579′
N50°44.548′ W001°07.935′
N50°44.704′ W001°08.300′
N50°44.545′ W001°03.528′ Start/finish line A boats 10 meters and over
N50°45.513′ W001°02.847′ Start/finish line B all other boats
N50°46.249′ W001°02.330′ Start/finish line C for boats under 6.7m