SAC Map & Fishing ground

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Northney marina
Selsey – N 50 43.367 W 0 47.347
End of zone – N 50 37.755 W 0 46. 387
Sandown – N 50 39.055 W 1 09.171
End of zone – N 50 46 102 W 1 02 275

An updated map for the 2022 events will be posted later in the year.

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A N 50 43.367 W 0 47.347
B N 50 37.755 W 0 46. 387
C N 50 39.055 W 1 09.171
D N 50 46 102 W 1 02 275

A -A. This area around the New Grounds is a very easy area to fish. The bottom is shingle and straightforward to anchor. This is a wide area with plenty of room for many boats to fish for Smoothounds, Rays, the odd Tope (small), Bream and Bass. The tide does not run as fierce as other areas and the water will often be calmer if there is much of a breeze.
B – This area holds many banks that can often be good for Rays, also all of the other species can be caught here. The bottom is shingle, it’s straightforward to anchor.
C – This area is again straightforward to anchor. This can often be a very good area to target the larger Smoothounds, and again all of the species could be caught here.
D – This is called ‘UTOPIA’, it is well known for good Tope and Smoothound fishing. The tide does run hard here and the water is deeper.
E – This area is called Bullocks Patch. A good mark for decent bream but mainly in the early summer. Smoothounds, Rays and Bass can all be caught around the edges of this mark.
F – Medmerry Bank. This is a bank can hold a variety of Rays, the Eastern edge fishing down the bank can be good for Smoothounds and smaller Tope.
G – This area can be very good for Smoothounds but beware because although this is not a deep water mark, the tide on the flood (to the East) can run very hard and carry a lot of weed.
H – Boulder Bank, A good early season mark for Bream fishing into the bank on the flood. On the Ebb tide fish down the bank but be very careful as this is very snaggy and the tide runs hard! Smoothounds, Tope and Rays are caught around the edge away from the bank. Bass can be caught on the southern area on the rocks.
I – Middle Grounds, these are a series of sand banks that run west to East. This can be good for Large Blonde Rays, Big Bass on baits on the bottom, smaller Bass can be caught on the drift. Although shallow, the tide runs hard here.
J – Pullar Deep. Deep water, can be good for the larger Tope and Rays.