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One of the most exciting harbour Cities in the world, Portsmouth is a successful and quite spectacular melting pot of old and new, with modern architectural masterpieces sitting virtually side by side with historic wonders of the nautical world. Understandably life in the City revolves around the magnificent harbour with its famous 500-year-old dockyard, housing HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and the Mary Rose you can also take the ultimate underwater safari at the award-winning Blue Reef Aquarium or visit the distinctly space-aged Spinnaker Tower.

Portsmouth has been wise enough to cater for them accordingly with plenty of marinas located on the docks and its close vicinity, including Gunwharf Quays Marina, located next to the Gunwharf Quays Shopping Outlet.

For culture vultures, there is a choice of twelve excellent museums where you can discover not only the rich history of this most famous of ports but also delve into the lives of its most illustrious sons including Charles Dickens. It is impossible to convey the sheer overpowering magnificence of Portsmouth in so little space. At once a modern forward-thinking and cultural city and a living, breathing museum, it is somewhere even the most jaded of travellers will be thrilled by. Go see for yourself!